World Health Organization Thanks Katakata Village For Blood Donor Campaign

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Blood is life. Little wonder why blood is not only important to the World Health Organization, it has set aside 14th June yearly to create awareness for the world blood donor. Like the UNO, blood is previous to and indeed part of the Kata Kata village`s cultural identity. It is therefore not a big surprise that the village has not disappointed the World Health organization in the effort to create the much needed awareness. Despite overcoming initial skepticism of giving their important blood free to the unknown, Kata, Kata village comes out en masse to help the UNO`s blood donor campaign. In appreciation for the honourable help, the UNO has set Kata Kata aside as a village worth emulating. How? Read more and find out. Due to your political, religious or cultural reasons, are you for/against donating your blood free to an unknown person? Read more, laugh, but share your opinions: