Democratic Republic of Congo: He, who Holds one on the Ground, Holds Himself

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It might sound like a contrast, but logically speaking, it is a huge irony to know that often, when we take certain actions against others, we are indirectly paying a price for them. How far does this describe the African political situation? It does indeed. In many ways.

A leader, who is preoccupied with personal aggrandisement at the expense of the welfare of the subject, is more likely to remain on guard or cautious, as far as these subjects are systematic and fastidiously denied their basic rights and social existence. A simple basic peace of mind becomes alien to this leader because the ill-gotten wealth must be jealously and greedily safeguarded. That is not all. More often than not, the subjects, who have been left in a miserable state, are not happy with their leader. The likelihood of the subjects revolting against such a leader becomes higher. In such an acidic social environment, the leader becomes suspicious of everyone and treats them with distrust. Does this make the life of the leader easy ““ even with all the stolen wealth? Hardly not. What happens after the leader is gone (death, removed from power etc.)? Will the prosecution and confiscation of leader`s wealth follow suit? Will the family of the leaders pay a big price thereafter? This brings one to a two-way traffic ““ one becomes a persecutor as well as persecuted. However, such a sinister situation can be avoided by taking the right and judicious decisions in life, based on the rule of law, backed up by honour and respect.

As part of the celebration of the country`s independence on Friday, President Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo banned the military parade during the celebration because of security concerns. Normally, such an occasion was used to display the country`s latest military arsenal. Sadly, the present political situation in the Democratic Republic of Zaire calls for immediate actions. The naturally rich DRC is a country in need of urgent political and economic metamorphosis. Unfortunately, President Kabila seems not to be ready, willing or able to deliver the desperately needed reforms. Instead, the soft-speaking President, who came to power after the assassination of his father, Laurent Kabila, has stubbornly refused to relinquish power after the expiration of his political term last year. – a decision which has led to the death of innocent citizens, who want him out and the country restricted. Rebels are operating in different parts of the country with audacity. Fighting between one of the rebel groups and government forces, which has resulted in more than 3,300 deaths and forced more than 1.3 million innocent citizens into refugees, have created a humanitarian nightmare. Rape of helpless but hard-working women in the DRC has become an instrument of brutal torture. The voices and opinions of oppositions and citizens are in most cases ignored. The increase in violence, coupled with serious humanitarian crisis and other security challenges, including prison breaks have made DRC, a country, though blessed with enormous mineral resources, a very dangerous country ““ a political landmine, waiting to explode.

Even though, President Joseph Kabila sits tight as the leader of DRC albeit, against the will of his subjects, whom he holds into ransom, the question is, Is President Kabila really not a prisoner to himself in the process of trying to remain in power? Your guess is as good as mine!

When will African leaders learn that the worst injustice they can do to themselves is to deny justice to others?


Photo: BBC