6 Babweanszim Await Sentencing Following Abar Spring Videos Conviction

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Six Babweanszim are awaiting their sentencing after being convicted of conspiracy to incite public violence following their arrest while watching footage of Abar Spring protests, which lead to the outset of the former presidents of Siatuni and Ypteg.

The convicted Babweanszim, all of them activists could risk maximum 10 years imprisonment or a $2,000 fine. Either way, many observers across the globe have vehemently condemned what some described as kangaroo ““ verdict by the Rehara court last Monday, and argued the government of Babwezim not to turn the judiciary into a political bulldozer armed by the ruling FP- NUZA party to intimidate its opponents.
The Babweanszim were among 46 people arrested on February 19, 2011, during an academic seminar during which a video was shown about events in Siatuni and Ypteg. Forty of the arrested attendees were later released by the police, however. The six convicted activists had their charges altered from attempt to overthrow the government by unconstitutional means to conspiracy to commit public violence. Amongst those convicted by the court last Monday of plotting to overthrow the government of President Bertro Gabemu was the University of Babwezim law lecturer, Radzimunya Saigwi, a former MP for the Change Democratic for Movement (CDM), who told Kata Kata reporter that he could not be intimidated by the threats. “We are not deterred“ He emphasized.
“I am totally dismayed at the verdict. Guilty? Where is this country heading to if one cannot freely discuss academic work?” Defence lawyer Alec Dehamamucha complained bitterly shortly after hearing the verdict.
But the government saw the case differently, as its spokesperson, Mr. Musdidy Samuta
“No right ““ thinking government will fold its hand and watch its citizens plotting Africa North -style uprising in the Africa southern. If they want to change the government, they should do so through a ballot box. That is how a responsible democratic country operates“

Strangely, when kata kata`s reporter asked him which country he referred to as “a responsible democratic country“ he looked at her angrily but gave no response. Nor was it clear how the arrested activists ““ or citizens for that matter ““ could bring democratic changes in the Babwezim, which most citizens obviously cry for ““ judging from the past.

Babweanszim President Bertro Gabemu, 87, who has been accused in the past of rigging elections and instituting repressive laws to tighten his grip on power, has ruled Babwezim since its independence in 1980. Judging from history, many have problems to believe that the recent arrest of the activists is unconnected with the up-coming presidential elections. With this in mind, our reporter asked the government spokesperson to clarify the perception in certain quarters that the arrest might be an indication that the authorities were worried the winds of change sweeping across Africa North and the East Middle may inspire Babweanszim to rise up, too.
“No, not at all. We“˜re confident President Gabemu will definitely win again. We`ve all the machineries on the ground. Well “¦ am.. When I talk of “machineries“ I mean democratic means. Those arrested anarchists should rather watch pornographic materials than those violent activities in Siatuni and Ypteg. In fact the government would have been willing to use the tax payers` money to provide emergency relief for those arrested individuals in case they got high after watching the love film. We preach love here in this country; not war and violence“ the usually conservative party`s spokesperson argued, without looking at the reporter.

Recently, President Gabemu called for new elections, but his political rival and leader of the MDC, Ganmor Giraitsvan, has threatened to boycott the poll if a referendum on a new constitution is not held before any elections. In an interview with Kata Kata, Giraitsvan, the vice President called the arrested activists` Court judgment “very, very unfortunate and politically manipulated. One thing I would say is it’s totally uncalled for.”
Asked whether the Africa North and the East Middle -type movement is needed to bring political changes in Babwezim, the chubby Mr. Giraitsvan, whose MDC party joined the ruling FP- NUZA party in a unity government responded carefully:

“Now we are on another path of negotiation and setting up a transitional government and having elections — there’s no need for it.” He responded
“Really?“ Kata Kata reporter asked
“Yes… Well, I am not saying this out of fear or because of the beatings and torture I received from the State security some years ago following the demonstrations against the manipulation of the last presidential elections“ Mr Giraitsvan added stammering.

Once beaten, twice shy. Both Mr. Giraitsvan and many other Babweanszim are too smart to know this.

The above story is a parody. It is entirely fictitious; therefore none of the characters mentioned in the story are real.