A Good Reason to Welcome Melania Trump to Africa.

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One may bark, What the hell is the US First Lady Melania Trump, possibly doing in Africa? A continent once labeled a Sh.thole? Now in Ghana, does Melania Trump’s husband really know where his wife is? Or could she have lied and told him she was visiting Germany instead of Ghana?

Germany – Ghana? Hum, sounds similar…? Similar? Never mind, all I wanted to say was that the two countries may “sound” similar, to some people. Yes, to someone, who is not a Geography wizard. After all, there is not much difference between “Nambia” and “Namibia.” Is there?

Anyway, whatever you choose to call it, the one thing for sure is that US First Lady Melania Trump is somewhere in a sh.thole country. Hum, that ignominious categorization, in fact, makes the First Lady’s trip to Africa more interesting, debatable, courageous, and perhaps, even ominous. The trip leaves many questions yet unanswered.

Regardless, if one wore an underwear once and threw it away, one day, there might be a need to wear the same underwear later. Otherwise, the owner might go naked, if no underwear is left. Now, shut up; enough of those archaic African proverbs (you still get mad being regarded as a product of a sh.thole country?).

Now, just shut your damn mouth, go out and welcome the US First Lady for that courageous trip. A trip without her husband. Did I hear you say welcome!, akwaaba!, Nnoo!, barka dai!, takulandirani!, Karibu!, Bawo ni!, sijkwamukela!
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