A Special Palm Sunday Message From The Kata Kata Village

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Happy Palm Sunday from the Kata Kata Village. As you celebrate this important festive event, may you be filled with good spirit, courage, and strength to enable you to tackle all the challenges in your life and make your life meaningful and better – especially to others and whole society as a whole.   Yes, life can be full of obstacles and obstructions, but happy are those, who have refused to be tamed by fear and the destructive force of life.

Giving up is a defeat and an end to progress and a successful journey to self-determination and attainment. But courage is the attribute  of a fearless warrior and a conqueror. With courage, you can dismantle all mountainous  challenges against you, as well as surprise your enemies. Even the fearless Boko Haram will be taken aback by your courage, steadfastness, and invincibility.

Take up your armour of courage, patience, strength and determination and face your life challenges. Soon, you will look back and smile in happiness as you count your great achievements in life – if you don’t  shiver and give up.  Like He who rode on a donkey like a king on Palm Sunday, you will be your own king, through hard work and personal sacrifices. For sure, the end is nearer than you might think.  Never  give up!!