Africa And Birth Control: From Boom To Doom

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Lack of Family planning is one of the biggest challenges facing Africa today. It leads to socio-economic doom. So are the health problems associated with lack of family planning enormous.

Ironically, Africans are so much emotionally attached to children, but sadly, the worst thing you can do to a child is to bring them into the world without taking good and proper care of them. Every child deserves the unconditional love of the parents and that includes being able to secure the child’s future through the provision of adequate education, healthcare, food, home, job opportunity etc. for the child. Unfortunately, many African parents care little about these important social responsibilities. Rather, they would produce many children they hardly can take care of. Of course, they, in most cases, have a standard excuse for this irresponsible behaviour:

“God gives children! We thank God.”

Fine, perhaps, one may be forced to ask: did you first consult God before you started the bedroom job? Not really. But many poor Africans would only remember God when they face problems as a result of having many children they cannot take care of. Sadly, others relatives and friends are in most cases, forcefully dragged into the responsibilities of raising kids and contributing financially to the children they did not produce.

If Africans had the knowledge of, and indeed, practiced birth control, they would have had fewer kids, fewer financial commitments, and a happier family. More than that, the government would be in a better position to provide much needed social services to the citizens.

The vasectomy process is a very good birth control method, which helps prevent sperm from entering into the seminal stream and thereby prevent fertilization from occurring. The sterilization does not take more than 30 minutes, nor is it so painful. Moreover, one does not need to be hospitalized because the procedure is not complicated. But don’t expect many men to gladly accept this surgical procedure for male sterilization and /or permanent birth control. Aren’t we machos? Do not be surprised to hear comments like:

“ So I am not allowed to touch my wife simply because of fear that she gets pregnant. So why did I marry her?”

Others would invoke their traditional male ego:

“Me, I fear anything that comes near my mojo. We, don’t  joke with a man’s thing in our culture oh….”

While the debate continues and Africans’ attitude towards birth control remains negative, the continent will continue to lag behind in developments and the provision of social services. Yes, we blame African corrupt leaders for African woes and the stagnant development in Africa, but Africans must realize that they cannot eat their cake and still have it. The result: from boom to doom.