Africa: The Land of Scavengers.

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In African, we often like to complain about our woes. We blame our leaders for all the shortcomings, from endemic corruption, nepotism, favouritism to miserable basic social services like water, housing, electricity, education, healthcare etc. But have we once asked ourselves who voted those lousy leaders in?

We hear that power belongs to the people, but how much have we tried to transcend this into a reality? Hardly ever. Yes, elections are often manipulated and corrupt judges bought over by our rich oligarchs, but these social evils are only possible and tolerated, simply because the citizens have not stood up and said: “enough is enough.” Until Africans realised and fully utilised their political power and mandate, they will remain the same zombies being mercilessly devoured by their heartless scavengers. Start today by choosing and insisting on the right leaders who want to change and better your life. Think of your life and those of your children. Do it!!

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