Africa: One Man’s Pain is Another Man’s Gain

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Despite some good-hearted Africans out there, the continent still has a bunch of fastidious, sagacious, heartless leaders, who are not only morally bankrupt but would not have any moral distress, capitalizing on the pains of others to achieve their selfish goals. Yes, they would not stop at anything to get rich quickly. Absolutely, even if it means milking on the miseries of the poor or affected ones. What do you expect in a culture, where what matters most is one’s riches – not how they were/ are made?  Recently, the family of the former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela has lamented that the name of the late moral authority and icon has been shrewdly turned into a gold mine by those, who are entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding his name and legacies in the future. Some of the trusted trustees have rather used the name of former President Mandela to heavily enrich themselves and diverted millions of dollars meant for the Mandela foundation to their personal accounts. What does that say about our level of morality? The Torch is busy beaming its light around Africa. Join the crusade and bring some sanity in Africa!