Agama Reincarnates

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Recently, Agama and wife are not seeing eye to eye. Both have been fighting because Agama has become a nuisance to the family of recent. He is not laying the right foundation for his children. From vomiting in his bed to occasional urinating in his dream. All these, caused by his excessive beer drinking – a habit he has vowed not to give up, even if it means ending the marriage. After soiling the bed again, the children have sat him down and gave him an ultimatum to stop drinking or they denounce him in the Kata Kata village square as their father. No, this is serious!

Agama has suddenly come to his senses. He feels sorry and sad for all he has done. He has, therefore, decided to do away with anything alcohol in his house. A good decision indeed!

Staggering to the living room, he sees on the table, empty bottles of beer he has consumed the previous night.

“You stupid, idiotic, nomenclature beer, you are the very reason why I urinated on the bed and got a dirty slap from my wife.” He smashes the bottles angrily.

On the way to the toilet, he sees more empty bottles of beer on the floor, he grabs the bottles and smashes them as well.

“ You bombastic quadratic non-entity beer made my children to nearly denounced me in the presence of Kata Kata multitude. To hell with you. I choose my family instead of you devil.” Agama shouts at the empty bottles to the happiness and surprise of his entire family members, who are watching with pride. Everyone is happy with Agama’s new determination.

Hungry, Agama comes back from the toilet and opens the fridge. There is a remaining unconsumed bottle of beer. He looks at it out with so much pride and affection.

“ You are a nice dude; you are not the cause of all these fights in the family, nor are you involved with them,” Agama assures the beer and takes it together with an opener and heads to the living room.

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