Are Jose Mourinho’s days numbered at Manchester United?

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With the latest painful defeat at West Ham on Saturday, coupled with what many sports analysts have called the worst start to a top-flight season since 1989 – 90, many football pundits are wondering whether Jose Mourinho’s days as Manchester United manager are numbered. Will the Portuguese, regarded as one of the best and most decorated coaches in the world survive this season with the Red Devils before the dismissal hammer from the top hits his head?

The tornado-like speculations that the former manager of Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane, who is rumoured to be following an intensive course in English, has been tipped as the possible replacement of Jose Mourinho, is not helping the matter.

The latest loss on Saturday to West Ham, the biggest win of West Ham over Manchester United in 36 years, was United’s third loss in seven league games, as well as a follow up to their home Carabao Cup exit to Championship side Derby. The poor performance has left many wondering what exactly is wrong with arguably one of the best, richest and most consistent clubs in the world. More than that, it has led to an accusing finger pointing at different alleged culprits. Who is indeed, responsible for the recent poor performance of Manchester United Club? The Manager Jose Mourinho or the players? Is the manager not doing his job well or are the players not showing the right winning attitude? Is indiscipline amongst the players one of the reasons for the poor performance?

The alleged cold relationship between  Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba does not help matters. While some people have accused the player of being arrogant and acting as if he was above the club, and have insisted he must go, others are of opinion that Mourinho is using Pogba as a scapegoat to cover the manager’s poor performance.

Hear Manchester United’s fans:

“We have got rid of bigger players. Look at the way Roy Keane went, he was a better player, Mourinho is not going to improve the squad, he is not trying to play the football we play.

“If you give me the Mourinho running up and down the touchline celebrating with the team I’ll take that. This Mourinho just sits, moping, looking like he doesn’t care.” (Graham)

“I disagree Pogba had got to go. It is Jose. All the older fans around me tell me it is Mourinho He’s slowly losing the team and you can see that on the pitch. They were not trying hard enough.”  (Ben)

Are both Jose Mourinho and the players listening?


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