The Assertion Of African Political Relevance After Trump’s “S***hole Countries” Remarks.

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Following his inglorious “s***hole countries” remarks, all 54 African ambassadors to the United Nations have on Friday anonymously demanded an unconditional apology from the USA President Donald Trump. A rare, strong and clear message to the USA. In an unusual sign of solidarity never seen before amongst African countries, the African ambassadors insisted that Donald Trump must withdraw his remarks, which many – both Africans and non-Africans – consider racist, xenophobic and incredibly un-Presidential to say the least.

During a meeting on Thursday with lawmakers to discuss a proposed immigration plan, President Trump allegedly referred to immigrants from the African continent, Haiti, and El Salvador as people from “s***hole countries.”

“Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?” President Donald Trump allegedly questioned, accordingly to many sources present during the meeting.

His remarks caused an outrage worldwide, even amongst President Trump’s Republican colleagues, who clearly distanced themselves from the remark.

Following the infamous stigmatization, the UN diplomats met for an emergency session and condemned President Trump’s immigration slur as well as demanded that he retract it and apologise for it. Many countries and individuals have equally asked Mr. Trump to clearly apologise for the irresponsible remarks. The US ambassador to Panama John D Feeley tendered his resignation letter, insisting he could “no longer work with President Trump.” Although, the White House was quick to dismiss any connection between the resignation and President Trump’s remarks, that did not stop the outrage. Botswana and Senegal have both gone further by summoning the US ambassadors in their respective countries to protest President Trump’s unfortunate and undiplomatic slur.

Known not to accept his mistakes openly, President Donald Trump, an unapologetic narcissist with superego, has so far refused to apologize for the vulgar statement, denying he did not call the countries of the said immigrants  “s***hole countries.” However, Mr. Trump accepted he used “tough” language during the meeting, though. Perhaps Mr. Trump would not have even accepted that he used “tough” language if his racist remarks were not leaked. What makes Trump’s xenophobic tendencies very worrisome, and ironic indeed, is that President Trump, just like all Americans, except the Red Indians, are historically speaking, immigrants in the US. Does that justify the President Trump’s “Make our Country Great Again” slogan?  Sadly, further, for a country built by immigrants, most of them, African Americans, forcefully sent to the United States as slaves, the President of the US should have been the last person expected to make such an immigration castigation attributed to President Trump.

It is left to see whether President Trump will swallow his racist and xenophobic ideologies and rather choose a damage control path, which could restore his – and for that matter, the United States’ – tattered imagine and position globally, instead of causing more polarity due to his pride.

Sure, President Trump’s remarks are inexcusable, interestingly, they have for once ironically, united Africans as well as exposed the decline of the United States’ relevance, leadership position and influence on the world stage. Has the USA lost its moral authority worldwide? Most certainly, yes. Since he came to the political stage unexpectedly, it is an open secret that President Trump has, through his actions and utterances, repeatedly demonstrated his racist, sexist and bigotry makeups. Effectively, President Trump’s actions and utterances have made the USA to systematically lose its authority and respect around the world.

After equivocally declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, against the stand of other countries in the world, including the UN, African leaders have the opportunity to show their political relevance and importance in the international political arena. Trump’s remarks call for solid unity amongst African leaders. More than just demanding an apology and withdrawal of the infamous racist and disrespectful statement from Mr. Trump, African leaders must follow suit with actions. No country is an island. The US is not self-sufficient. It needs other countries to survive – politically, socially, economically and otherwise. Africa is blessed with a lot of mineral resources, most of them badly needed by the USA. It is time for African leaders to demonstrate to President Trump that the USA indeed needs Africa more than President Trump thinks.

Now that the whole world has explicitly condemned Trump’s remark, African leaders must increase the pressure on President Trump until he realizes the importance of Africans and how to treat them with respect and dignity. If African leaders fail to grab this unique opportunity to assert their power and relevance – especially now that the whole world is on their side – African leaders will have given President Trump, and other racists indeed – a rare bullet to shoot Africa and continue treating the continent disrespectfully. Any inactivity on the part of African leaders will definitely send Africans to the perpetual global irrelevance.