Biazam: ex-leader’s Son Drewan Daban Arrested on Corruption Charges

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Following the promise made by the new president of Biazam Mr. Haelmic Tasa after his election, to tackle corruption and ruffle the so-called untouchables, Drewan Daban, the eldest son of Biazam’s former President Piahru  Daban has been arrested in Sakalu for corrupt practices.

Mr Daban junior, who is accused of taking more than Euro 24,000 in bribe from an Italian road construction firm Fratelli Locci, is arrested along with the deputy high commissioner to India,.

However, Drewan Daban categorically denied the corruption allegations and insisted that the said payment was meant for the logistics services his company rendered to the Italian firm. His younger brother, Ryhen is also wanted by the police for corrupt practices. He is still at large with the international arrest warrant issued against him.

“What else does that mad poisonous tongue chain smoker want?   Unlike many other African presidents, I whole heartily accepted defeat after the election, and voluntarily relinquished power as the president of Biazam. Thus, I effectively handed Mr Tasa the mantle of leadership. Is it how to pay me back? Harassing my innocent children?” Former President Piahru  Daban  thundered angrily when Kata Kata`s reporter asked about his son`s arrest.

Seeing that the reporter was surprised at his reaction, the ex- president managed a premature smile and added cautiously: “Anyway, the courts have many people’s sons and daughters; everybody goes before the police, so let’s not make this an issue.“

Even though, the former president preferred to sound strong and unruffled, there are strong indications that he is indeed very worried and clearly concerned over where the anti ““ corruption boat is heading to, according to our authoritative sources. Since losing the election, our moles impeccably confirmed that the former president has on many occasions, sent several emissaries to the new president to ask him to “cover his nakedness.“   But president Tasa, who is often called Mr poisonous tongue, is not well known for his stubbornness and unbending attitude for nothing. It was therefore strange to some to learn that the president actually ushered his guests into the presidential lodge.

“Can any of you tell me why all of you have big tummies? Are you pregnant?“ the president asked the emissaries without laughing. The flabbergasted guests started looking at each other as if they were reminded of something they never thought of or cared to notice.   Surprisingly, there was nothing in their expressions to show that the president made a wrong observation. Our reporter overheard the fattest amongst the guests, a former minister, murmuring in the ear of his colleague

“˜Why did his Excellency send only his big friends?` The chubby ex- minister asked euphemistically.

“Of course, we are his most loyal“ his colleague replied looking steadily at him in a you should have known better manner.

While the ex- president`s lobbyists were busy trying to digest Mr Tasa`s   rather castigating  question, according to our moles, the president went ahead to live up to his no nonsense character, after receiving  unsatisfactory answers from them. Mr Tasa ordered that the emissaries be flocked naked.

“I will not tolerate seeing any of you wearing tanga underwear or crying during the flogging. Moreover, the fatter your tummy is, the more strokes of cane you receive because having a fat tummy as a civil servant means you have stolen a lot from the government`s treasury.”   The seriously – looking president warned his lobbyists guests.

“Meanwhile, tell your man who sent you to ask me to cover his nakedness, that Mr Tasa is not interested in looking at old fat asses,   talk less of coming closer to cover them. He should therefore try his best not to expose those ugly asses to the public in the first place. By so doing therefore, he would have no reason to ask someone to cover them for him.“ President Tasa messaged the emissaries bluntly.

Ever since President Tasa came into office, he has launched an anti-corruption crusade aimed at sanitizing the country`s corrupt path. However, many critics have labelled his fight against corruption one sided and witch ““ hunting at best. They accused him of targeting his political opponents and silencing his rivals at the expense of true war on corruption. The fact that many former ministers, all of them members of the opposition party, have been investigated and some even arrested makes it difficult for one to know exactly the main reason behind the crackdown.

Let us hope that not only the ex-leader’s son Drewan Daban and other accused persons are listening to president Tasa.  It would not hurt badly either if president Tasa could listen to himself as well. By so doing, the president could avoid the need for him to ask his successor to “cover his nakedness“ as well after he has left the office.  Clearly, refusal to make such a request would be a good indication that Biazam has finally discovered the thorny road leading to its political salvation.

The above story is a parody. It is entirely fictitious; therefore none of the characters mentioned in the story are real