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While Kata Kata Village joins the world in condemning in the strongest terms, the barbaric attacks in Paris on innocent citizens ““ an act tantamount indeed, to the murder of the root of our democratic principle, we consistently restate that a society without the basic Freedom – speech, association, religion etc. ““ is (before you come up with your milder “backward“ or “uncivilized“ nomenclatures!) a dead society. Worse still, anyone, who would prefer to argue with a gun ““ yes, with blood, fire ““ rather than with mouth, is a product of mental retardation. A weak, feeble – minded coward!

 Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire
Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire

There is no more water to out the fire
There is no more water to out the fire
Let it burn, let it burn
Let it burn, burn burn
Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire
Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire

Judgement has come and mercy has gone (mercy come and gone)
Ooh, weak hearts shall lick up and spit up (weak heart must get lick up)
Judgement has come and mercy has gone (judgement time is here)
Ooh, weak hearts shall lick up and spit up (weak heart must get sick up)

Let it burn, let it burn
Let it burn, burn burn (mercy gone)-

(Niney the Observer)

Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire“¦“¦“¦“¦“¦“¦

Agama: Blood again? Is your brain frozen in a freezer or is it parked in a garage for repairs? After the bloody days in Paris, I forbid any word “blood“ in this house!!! Enough of wasted blood!!

Nza: Papa, we are on the same boat“¦..

Agama: You and who are on the same bloody boat? Since when are we mates?

Piccolo: Hey dude, just listen to that lyric or the damn poem if you like. There is a bloody sense in it. However, I strongly believe there is still enough water to out the fire. But where there is fire, there is smoke. The question should be why should there be a fire in the first place?

Agama: Ahaaa! Now you are talking. Put on the TV. What do you see? Two people are having a quarrel; the only way to settle it is with a gun. Not with the mouth. Not by argumentative power of persuasion. No. Fire!!! I say “fire.“ And the problem is seemingly solved! No, the problem is far from being solved. It is, rather, the beginning of yet another problem. You see, people accuse me of being a womanizer (don`t ask me what to call a woman who likes men. Manizer?), but I`ve always insisted that love is no crime. I love humanity. Regardless, what is better ““ to love human beings or to kill them?

Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire
There is no more water to out the fire“¦.

Useni: You hear him? Love apostle? You, you only love something in skirt. Otherwise, how many time you kiss me. Or me, I not human being?

Agama: (aside) Guess, there must be chimpanzees, orangutans and even crocodile out there, begging to be kissed, instead“¦

Piccolo: Men, let`s not trivialize this serious issue. Agama, you made a good point there that our media has been mercilessly turned into a violence infected school, where kids learn within a twinkling of the eye, the unholy art of violence and other immoral arts, which are products or moral decadent. But not only that. Yeah, the same goddamn media school of violence has systematically baptized this inglorious choice as the mainstream act. You gotta a situation, where pulling the trigger is something “˜cool` rather than a shameful carnivorous barbarism.

Useni: You stay there en talk gun en fire. Me, Useni, I wan know where, dey get dat gun? Who make dat killing ““ killing gun? After all, if nobody make gun, nobody kill with gun. Abi, I talk nonsense?

Piccolo: That is a damn cool observation! Yeah, we gotta sanitize or even eradicate arms industry to be able to control the degree of violence that“¦.

Agama: Era? Era what? Eradicate? Forget it! Do you know how much money arms producing countries earn yearly from saturating the world with arms and indirectly massacring human beings? We are not only talking about guns, think of other sources of armed conflicts and war around the world. According to my impeccable source“¦ You know I still have my contacts even after retiring from my CIA job“¦.

Useni: Which CIA? Your secret job dat take you only near woman pant en skirt“¦?.

Piccolo: Wow! That`s brutal boy! Yeah, I know our dude; Agama was Obama`s security adviser, so let`s not go into that. We talk serious business“¦..

Agama: Like I was saying, before my security frequency was rudely jammed, my contacts from the intelligence world reveal that the top arms dealers in the world are: USA, Russia, Germany, China, France, UK, Spain, Ukraine, Italy, Israel, Sweden, Netherlands, South Korea, Switzerland, Canada, Belarus, Norway, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Australia“¦..

Let it burn, let it burn
Let it burn, burn burn (mercy gone)“¦..

Useni: Chineke oh! Banange!! Shoooo!

Piccolo: Why are you speaking in an esoteric language?

Useni: So even Obama make gun business? I tell you, me, I don trust dat boy. I hear he even make one plane without pilot, which kill ““ kill people like no man`s business.

Piccolo: Plane without a pilot? Oh, you mean drones? Yeah, but let`s be fair about this. Obama uses drones to kill terrorists ““ definitely, not the republicans who have refused to listen to his “gun control“ gospels. To say the truth, Obama has consistently lobbied for gun control, but there are some bunches of idiots out there, most of them wearing expensive suits in the Capital Hill, who are adamantly trigger happy. They don`t mind sleeping with their guns as a mistress or buying a diamond coated diaper for their beloved gun for the sake of maintaining an archaic tradition.

All weak hearts shall lick up and spit up
And all righteous shall stand“¦..

Useni: You too defend Obama! If he preach “gun control“ gospels, why he still sell gun? Oya, you still wan lawyer ““ defend Obama?

Agama: The issue here is more complicated than you think. It is all about economy, selfish interest, power and control. I ask you a simple but difficult question: why would the USA advise or insist that Afghanistan should stop the opium production, which accounts for more than 90 % of the country`s income? Or to be fair to the USA, why should they insist that the Afghan government should rather go into other agricultural production, with the assistance of the USA? Would the USA government agree to stop arms production in exchange for agricultural products, just like they advised their Afghan counterparts?

Ogo: Ok, Mr Agama, Piccolo, Useni, Nza and Co, let me come in here. Yes, the whole world is mourning and condemning the heartless attacks, kidnappings and other violence in Paris and indeed in the rest of the world, but little do we pay attention to the main sources of the violence. Yes, we condemn the atrocities of Boko Haram, Al ““ Qaida, Abu Sayyaf, Al ““ Shabaab, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, you name them, but who cares to condemn those who arm them? It takes arms to stop a war! Wow a smart argument from the West. So why one should care about or condemn terrorists? What of Hollywood bosses who coat the campaign hands of politicians with cash, only to bombard the media with violence genres?

No time for crying wolves! Directly or indirectly, we are the cause of our misery. Yes, soon – and it is now happening ““ the world leaders will assemble in Paris in the spirit of solidarity. Those who cannot make it to France will make sure the world hears their strong condemnation of the Paris massacre. Others will use the “golden opportunity“ to gun for more votes. Yes, those foreigners (tell me who is not a foreigner! After all, a single trip outside your “territory“ automatically designate you a “foreigner`)..

Those barbaric foreigners are destroying “our“ civilized society. They must go back to where they belong. Once they are out, our problems are solved.“

Mathematical QED! You hear that? It is now we verse them! The same tautology which has long brought unholy dichotomy in the society is the same that unites the elites, the arms manufacturers, the Hollywood bosses, the media executives“¦.. Clinging to their selfish interests while the societal fabrics is violently torn into un-patchable pieces.

Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire
Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire


Can you hear that? The same bloody lyric“¦..