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While Christians around the globe celebrated Palm Sunday, Boko Haram a jihadist Islamic group, operating in the Northeast of Nigeria, which has claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks on Nigerian institutions and individuals, equally celebrated a victory ““ albeit temporarily ““ against Christians and Western education.

The jihadist sect, which has vowed to eradicate any kind of western education in Nigeria, and equally has constantly attacked people and institutions seen as representative of Western values, is believed to be behind the recent senseless attack at a bus station in Abuja, which has claimed almost 150 people and caused many terrible casualties. Boko Haram attacks have created fears among Nigerians and recently turned some churches in the North East of Nigeria, a mere graveyard.

The government of Nigeria has two options: succumb to the Boko Haram`s campaign of terror or stand up and annihilate the jihadist group and those heartless elements behind them ““ once and for all. It is a decision not only the Nigerian government, but Nigerians as a whole must make – rather quickly. Which choice, Nigeria? Read more: