Breaking all the obstacles as a group

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As I child, I once asked my father who was happily married for sixty years, what the secret behind his happy marriage was. He studied me for a long time. The expression on his face made me a bit uncomfortable; it left me wondering whether I had asked the most stupid question. Or could it be my father considered me incapable of having a long happy relationship like him? What an arrogant old man he was, I thought, although I dared not say that loud. Whatever warranted the long gaze, I definitely was not comfortable with the expression on his face. Before I could figure out what was behind his expression, he chipped in proudly like a child who just passed his examinations with a distinction: respect, appreciation, compromise and above all, having a common goal and aspiration.

Wow! So simple, I thought. So easy, it might sound, but how come many relationships are crumbling and divorce cases being the order of the day in our various courts today? For sure, those qualities above might sound simple but it is not always easy to fulfill them. In most cases, it takes more than individual efforts to achieve much in a relationship. Of course, life is synonymous with problems and challenges, but for those in a relationship, collective action aimed at achieving a common object is tantamount to the survival of a relationship. You might have different characters and lifestyles, but the question is, do you have the same goal? If you do and you try to work towards achieving that goal together with your partner, irrespective of those differences in character and lifestyle,  chances are that you are more likely to withstand the marriage tempest or most of the dangers and obstacles in a relationship.

Definitely, Agama needs to borrow a leaf from this simple philosophy. From excessive beer drinking to other flaws in his character, which make it near impossible to have a common goal with the wife, the tension, and acrimonies in Agama’s marriage cannot be underestimated. The obvious challenges are indeed sending the relationship to the rock. Unless Agama drastically changes his attitude towards life and works towards a goal with the wife, the relationship is destined to doom. Little surprise, therefore, that the wife declares herself rather a widow.

How far is this Agama’s family problem evident in our everyday lives? Our lives are enmeshed in problems; are we working as a group to tackle those challenges? Do we present a common front towards solving them? United we stand; divided we fall.

While you crack your brain for the answers, we need to quickly head to the Kata Kata Village to persuade Agama’s wife to give Agama another chance. Everyone deserves a second chance. We do, don’t we?

Heading to the Kata Kata Village before it is too late. Going with me? Good to hear; let’s go…

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