BREAKING NEWS: President Robert Mugabe Dismissed as Leader of Ruling Party, Grace Mugabe Expelled from the Party.

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President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has been dismissed as the leader of the ruling ZANU – PF party. Moreover, his powerful and influential wife Grace Mugabe has been expelled from the party altogether.

President Mugabe has been given a deadline until Monday to resign as the President of Zimbabwe or face an impeachment.

Following the dismissal of his former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa two weeks ago from his position based on watery allegations, President Robert Mugabe effectively wrote his political obituary. The sacking of the former Vice president, which is seen in the political circle as an attempt by Mugabe to promote his wife Grace Mugabe to the position of the Vice- President and prepare her to succeed him as president, forced the military to intervene. The former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been reinstated as the leader of the ruling ZANU- PF party.

The military placed the 93-year-old Mugabe, and his wife Grace under house arrest and has been, according to our source, trying to give Mr. Mugabe a soft landing. The military, which has so much respect for Mugabe even allowed him to attend a graduation ceremony yesterday. Although the move was also meant to support the military’s stand that their intervention was not a coup. Unfortunately, the stubborn Mr. Mugabe, who is known to always have his ways, flatly refused to leave gracefully. Was that the second gravest mistake President Mugabe has made after sacking of former Vice – President Mnangagwa, the ex-spy boss, who is known to wield enormous influence within the military establishment?  Grace Mugabe had called Mr. Mnangagwa, a snake, which must be hit on the head. Instead, the former Vice President has shown why he is called the crocodile. Our ambitions could lead to our destruction.

In a demonstration never seen in Zimbabwe in recent, tens of thousands of Zimbabweans took over the streets on Saturday, calling for President Mugabe’s resignation.

Clearly, the end of the 37-year rule of Robert Mugabe will most likely come tomorrow – willingly or by force.

Certainly, our ambitions could lead to our destruction.

Is the recent event in Zimbabwe a clear lesson for other African dictators?