Breaking News: Sudan agrees to hand over ex-president Omar al-Bashir to the ICC

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In what could be seen as the turning point in the revolution that led to the overthrow of Omar al-Bashir’s brutal regime in Sudan, the country’s rulers have agreed to hand over the ex-president, to the International Criminal Court  (ICC)

The decision to hand over dictator Omar al-Bashir, who was removed from power in April last year, after 30 years of brutality, genocide, oppression and excessive human rights abuses, came as a result of peace talks between Sudan’s government and Darfur based rebel groups.

Ex-president Omar al-Bashir, indicted by the ICC for war crimes, is wanted by the international court to account for the death and disappearance of more than 300,000 people during the 2003 Darfur conflict. Omar al-Bashir has always ignored the indictment of the court.

But the new leaders of Sudan have a different mindset:

“Justice cannot be achieved if we don’t heal the wounds,” Sudan’s government spokesman maintained.

“We agreed that everyone who had arrest warrants issued against them will appear before the ICC. I’m saying it very clearly,” said Mohammed Hassan Eltaish.

Although Omar al-Bashir was sentenced to two years in a social reform facility for corruption, only to be cleared by prosecutors for alleged killing of protesters during the demonstrations which saw the end of his brutal regime, it is now left for one to see what Omar al-Bashir’s fate will be when he faces justice at the ICC.