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Corruption in Africa and the Western Hypocrisy

To many in the Western world, Africa is synonymous with chronic corruption, insatiable greed, woeful economic mismanagement, endless war, gross inefficiency….(are you still counting?). But hardly does one talk about the brutal faceless hypocrisy of the West. Nor does the double standard acts of the Western world is mentioned in relation to the corruption of the African leaders. Sometime last year, David Cameron, the former British Prime Minister was caught on the video describing Nigeria and Afghanistan as “fantastically…

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Poverty in Africa: Who Gets the Blame?

Poverty is more or less a manifestation of how a society shares its resources and how much of these (natural) resources are there overall. While some individuals describe poverty as a disease, others believe that poverty is a product of ignorance. Regardless, Africa has occupied an unenviable position worldwide as the Mecca of poverty. Statistically speaking, 34 out of the 50 nations on the 2006 UN list of least developed countries are in Africa. In 1820, the salary of…

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Chinese in Africa: Economic Contributors or Destroyers?

Last Monday, eight Chinese nationals were arrested at Kampani Zurak village in the Bashar chiefdom of Wase Local Government Area in Plateau State of Nigeria for alleged illegal mining. Twelve other Nigerians were also arrested on the same charges. allegedly involved in illegal mining activities in the area. Also declared wanted is the alleged chief miner, Abdullahi Usman, popularly known as “Dan China.” The enormous presence of Chinese in Africa is no more a new subject of discussion, rather…

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