Don`t Worry, Just Laugh
Never Let Corruption Kill The Beautiful Game

  Corruption in sport is as old as sport itself. From the FIFA-Blatter scandal in Russia-doping, corruption in sport has many forms, faces, and dimension. It might take in the form of match-fixing by players, referees, and criminals. Or blood and urine lab officials demanding monster pay from athletes to influence results, club owners and administrators insisting on kickbacks for players’ transfers, government officials rigging bids for construction contracts. Money laundering in the form of purchase of clubs, players…

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Social Media and Your Privacy

The birth of Facebook has drastically changed social interaction and personal relationships globally. The world has never been brought closer before, since the introduction of Facebook. You have you dudes living thousands of kilometres away so close than ever. Through Facebook, social mobilization has become as easy and quick as ABC. Do you now understand why many corrupt and autocratic governments in Africa and beyond fear the influential and intimidating power of Facebook as a forceful and powerful agent…

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