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Africa: One Man’s Pain is Another Man’s Gain

Despite some good-hearted Africans out there, the continent still has a bunch of fastidious, sagacious, heartless leaders, who are not only morally bankrupt but would not have any moral distress, capitalizing on the pains of others to achieve their selfish goals. Yes, they would not stop at anything to get rich quickly. Absolutely, even if it means milking on the miseries of the poor or affected ones. What do you expect in a culture, where what matters most is one’s riches…

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Sierra Leone: The Aftermath of the Mudslide and Flood Disaster

After the devastating twin tragic mudslide and flood disaster in Sierra Leone in August, the victims have been left miserably frustrated and disappointed as a result of the failure of the government to honour her promise and provide an “exit package” for the affected citizens. Worse still, while the victims and other concerned Sierra Leoneans are bitterly complaining about the government’s unacceptable behaviour, the Director of Disaster Management at the Office of National Security, John Rogers, who is directly…

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Africa: The Land of Scavengers.

In African, we often like to complain about our woes. We blame our leaders for all the shortcomings, from endemic corruption, nepotism, favouritism to miserable basic social services like water, housing, electricity, education, healthcare etc. But have we once asked ourselves who voted those lousy leaders in? We hear that power belongs to the people, but how much have we tried to transcend this into a reality? Hardly ever. Yes, elections are often manipulated and corrupt judges bought over…

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