Don`t Worry, Just Laugh


Agama: Looking for a no-nonsense, boastful, fearless (by his own estimate), combatant and uncontrollable womanizer,   full of self-confidence complimented with big (and sometimes indeed self ““ made) grammar?   Agama is the man! Despite his confidence, Agama knows when to draw back   ““ especially when danger is imminent.

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Piccolo: Wpiccoloith distinct bushy Afro hair do, typical American slang, cool sunglasses and sweet mouth to top it up, Piccolo, with a stint in Europe, is the Wanabe to the highest order.   Piccolo is caught between two cultural realities ““ African and Western cultures. His intention to fit into these two cultures at the same time ““ but rather in his own terms ““ results in cultural clashes, which do not, unfortunately, help him improve his life.

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UseniUseni is a poor, uneducated and timid old man, who, unlike Agama, does not hide his timidity. He tries to speak English directly the way he thinks in his local language. Regardless, although Useni might be considered “simple“ and uneducated, he is such a complex character who does not shy away from asking seemingly stupid and yet provocative questions.

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nzaNza, the little son of Agama is the father`s harmless ” tormentor.“ With his characteristic school uniform ““ like short, big glasses, “˜elephant ears` (apologies Agama) and typical haircut, Nza comes across at first, as a quiet, bookish little boy, but in reality, he is not the best friend of the classroom.  Even though, he admires his father Agama, he is the last person Agama wants to be around him because the little boy often unmasks him ““ though unintentionally.

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