Consequences of Making a Wrong Diagnosis of African Problems

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Still on migration problems. While we all must commend African leaders for taking the initiative – after much pressure from the Western countries, although – to bring back home, stranded African migrants from the slave camps in Libya, the worrisome question still remains. Is that initiative the best decision?

Perhaps, it might be the best decision for now; but is it really the solution to the current migration crises, which has clearly led to a modern-day slavery? Many people doubt that.

Absolutely, migration problem is like deadly epidemics. Like a doctor, the major aim of a leader is to diligently understand the cause of the sickness in order to know its best treatment. You simply cannot treat an ailment without first having a clear diagnosis and a grasp of the ailment. Otherwise, chances are that you might prescribe a wrong treatment.

The questions African leaders should be asking are: Why are millions of Africans leaving their countries, taking unimaginable dangerous risks, trying to migrate to Europe? Could it be that these Africans are well taken care of in their countries by their various governments? Or are the migrants being extraordinarily adventurous, ambitious or even greedy? Share your views, please.