We offer professional consultancy services in different areas, including, but not limited to:

Main Topics


  • World Bank, International Criminal Court (ICC), United Nations Population Fund, Care International, Ministries of gender, Stanford University, etc.

Geographical Coverage

  • Africa, Western Europe and America.

Linguistic Scope

  • English, French, Spanish, Portuguese as well as different African languages.


We offer consultancy services in different areas, including, but not limited to gender (in)equality and empowerment, juvenile, health, ecosystem, cultural, social behaviour and many more.
Equipped with highly qualified and motivated researchers, creative writers, productive engine houses and versatile artists, we have what it takes to implement any project to the highest standard and excellence. Our colossal expertise is our advantage; we handle any tasks assigned to us professionally to our customer's utmost satisfaction.


Apart from being one of the contractors/partners of the World Bank, we have worked for/collaborated with a lot of credible international organizations, including the International Criminal Court (ICC), The Care International, the United Nations Population Fund, Ministries of Gender etc.

Linguistic Scope

Our projects can be conducted/written in many major languages (English,French, Spanish, Portuguese ) and/or different African languages to reach the grassroots audiences.

Geographical Scope

We can implement any project within African and European geographical scopes. We have highly trained, dedicated professionals on the ground to make sure our projects are done with utmost professionalism and satisfaction.