Could President Zuma Land in Jail Amid Corruption Accusations?

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To many, the name “Zuma“ has different connotations depending on your world view or ideological spectrum. While some associate the name to fearlessness, stubbornness, resistance, to others, it connotes carelessness, corruption, nepotism, excessive libido, amongst others. Regardless what the word or name means to you, South Africa’s embattled President Jacob Zuma, who is the godfather of scandals, is recently facing serious political challenges that could not only send him into political oblivion but equally land him in jail.

Definitely, President Zuma, 74, has weathered many political storms and swam the South African shark cum crocodile-infested political waters. On each occasion, he came out politically wounded but alive. Ironically, instead of learning from his past nemesis, he would rather land into yet another scandal, leaving even his closest allies and defenders to rather think of their own political safety to avoid infected with the Zuma`s political leprosy.

From the alleged rape to arm contract, coupled with the Nkandla Gate, Gupta Family and other embarrassing scandals, including recent corruption investigation against his government, and the latest second vote of no confidence against him in parliament last week, the question is: has President Jacob Zuma become a liability to his ANC party?

During the apartheid regime, Mr. Zuma spent 10 years as a political prisoner on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela. That stint in the prison would later polish his political CV and lead to his political ascension. Now that the ANC government is ruling South Africa, and President Jacob Zuma has failed to learn from his past experiences, and rather believes in his invincibility, it would be suicidal for him to really believe that any single day in jail today will make him a martyr and contribute to his political survival as it did during the apartheid regime.