Creating Indigenous Knowledge of Africa for Africans

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For Africa and other so-called third world countries to progress, they must tell their own stories based on their indigenous knowledge and experience. Africans must create their own knowledge based on their own realities. You cannot develop people; people must develop themselves based on what they are used to. You cannot import and impose knowledge on a people; the people must develop from their own knowledge and experience, which must fit into the environment, where they live and where the knowledge is needed.

In most cases, one of the major problems facing Africa today is the imposition and acceptance of “Euro-centrism” as a basis of knowledge and development on the continent. Having in mind that we have different cultures, languages, norms, social settings, to mention just a few, from the West, it is realistic to argue that what works for Africa might not work fully for the West. Same, the other way round.

Until Africans first think and act as Africans, rather than copy a foreign system that might not fit into the African realities, Africa will still remain under the shackles of slavery – psychologically, sociologically, politically and economically – which hampers progress on the continent.

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