Cyber Bullying Campaign: Thanks for coming on board

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Since the launch of the cyber bullying campaign on 11th November in Uganda, many have come on board to make the campaign a reality. Thank you for that right decision! However, we still need those of you out there, who are yet to join the historic wagon. Agama, Piccolo, Nza, Useni, Liam, Namazzi, Mukisa, Natukunda ……..(you keep on counting) have all joined the Cyber-Bullying Campaign Wagon. Where are you? We can only reach our destination quickly and book a tangible result if we all work together as a team. Yes, you are, perhaps not a cyber bullying victim today, but you may become one tomorrow. No one is immune to the menace of cyber bullying. You could be a victim – soon. Remember: if you surrender to the cyber aggression, you become a loser. So listen to Agama’s advice and do the right thing!! Please join the campaign now and let us make Uganda – and Africa – cyber bullying free!!!!