Donald Trump and Wife test Positive for COVID-19

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The President of the USA Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus.

President Trump, who has always dismissed the deadly virus as the common flu, which would soon go like the wind, has confirmed that he and the 50-year old First Lady tested positive and are now in quarantine. The positive test comes after one of Mr Trump’s closest advisers Hope Hicks tested positive for coronavirus.

The 31-year old Ms Hicks accompanied President Donald Trump on Air Force One to the first presidential TV debate with Joe Biden, Trump’s Democratic rival. Also with President Trump on Air Force One were Mr Trump’s family members and his advisers. 

Like in other public gatherings, neither President Trump nor most of the crowds were seen wearing masks, despite repeated advice from health experts, including President Trump’s health team, to do so. With the death toll from COVID-19 hovering above 212,660 from 7,494,671 cases, the highest in the world, many are wondering why, at 74 years old, president Trump, who belongs to a high-risk group, would prefer to ignore the advice of his health experts and do otherwise.  

The President has accepted the bitter reality and gravity of coronavirus and tweeted “We will get through this together.” 

Mr Trump’s physician Sean Conley went further in a released a statement:  

“The president and the first lady are both well at this time, and they plan to remain at home within the White House during their convalescence. Rest assured I expect the president to continue carrying out his duties without disruption while recovering, and I will keep you updated on any future developments.” 

President Trump’s positive test will be a big blow to the narcissist, I-know-it-better President, who has repeatedly ignored the advice of his health team to observe the safety measures against coronavirus. Rather, he has chosen to downplay the danger of the deadly virus as well frequently contradicted his medical experts. Most people believe president Trump has preferred to openly underestimate the danger of the virus, to achieve some political gains. With the presidential election at the corner, Trump has often shown a high degree of desperation and willingness to win the election at all costs. Not even the eye-bogging death figure from the COVID-19 seems to change President Trump’s opinion or and the way he recklessly handles the war against the virus.

Trump claimed the country was “rounding the turn” in its handling of the virus, and mocked his Democratic opponent Joe Biden for often wearing masks, boasting Mr Biden could not pull large campaign rallies that matched his own in size, only to be undermined by his own illness.  His false claims and statements, which are not only unpresidential but equally deceitful, are unhelpful in the effort to combat the coronavirus.

Some of President Donald Trump’s famous false statement about Coronavirus:

  • “99%” of COVID-19 cases are “totally harmless.” (Saturday, July 4)
  • “Children are virtually immune” to COVID-19. (He repeatedly claimed)
  • “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle—it will disappear.” (claimed on Thursday, February 27 that the coronavirus outbreak would be temporary)
  • “When we get into April, in the warmer weather—that has a very negative effect on that, and that type of a virus.” (claimed on Friday, February 7, and Wednesday, February 19 that the coronavirus would weaken)
  • “Normally the FDA would take a long time to approve something like that, and it’s—it was approved very, very quickly and it’s now approved by prescription,” (claimed on Thursday, March 19 that FDA had approved the antimalarial drug chloroquine to treat COVID-19. However, FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, present at the briefing, quickly denied the claim and reiterated that the drug still had to be tested clinically).
  • On April 23 President Trump claimed coronavirus can be killed using powerful light and injected disinfectants and advised his medical experts to research on that. 
  • “Coronavirus numbers are looking MUCH better, going down almost everywhere,” and cases are “coming way down.” (repeatedly claimed, despite the statistics that say otherwise)
  • “Cases are going up in the U.S. because we are testing far more than any other country.” (False and contradictory claims, made multiple times). 
  • The pandemic is “fading away. It’s going to fade away.” (Wednesday, June 17)
  • America is “rounding the corner” and “rounding the final turn” of the pandemic. ( a false claim made on Thursday, September 10, and Wednesday, September 23, despite the continuous rise in the death)
  • Anybody that needs a test, gets a test. We—they’re there. They have the tests. And the tests are beautiful” and “If somebody wants to be tested right now, they’ll be able to be tested.” (a false claim made on Friday, March 6, and Monday, May 11 even though the USA did not have enough testing)
  •  The United States has conducted more testing “than all other countries together!” (Monday, May 11)
  • The Pharmaceutical companies are going “to have vaccines, I think, relatively soon.” (Monday, March 2)
  • The coronavirus is “going to go away without a vaccine … and we’re not going to see it again, hopefully, after a period of time.” (a false and contradictory claim made on Friday, May 8. However, President Trump’s top infection expert Dr Anthony Fauci clarified repeatedly that the coronavirus would not suddenly disappear. 

For President Trump, who has been campaigning aggressively to close the gap between him and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, who is ahead of the incumbent in many opinion polls, the positive test is a serious setback to his campaign. It is not clear how the positive test will affect President Trump’s campaign, including the upcoming second presidential debate, billed for 15 October in Miami, Florida, a crucial state for President Trump. 

With President Trump tested positive for coronavirus, it is left to see what his ardent supporters, who have often refused to wear masks and neglected the medical advice to combat coronavirus, including social distancing, will do. Will they now, sit up, accept that coronavirus can be deadly and observe the necessary precautions to combat the virus? Judging from the past, it is hard to expect President Trump’s supporters to change their attitude towards the virus, talk less observing the medical guidelines. Nor would they show any disappointment that their cult-like leader has betrayed them. Rather, expect more support and loyalty – and defiance from the supporters. Call it the Trump magic – or indoctrination – if you like.