Fashion: The return of au naturel

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Is it not surprising that most ladies are now making a mad rush to the salon to have their hair chopped? Well, the Alpha male is now dictating that Femme fatale is short natural hair.

The flair says less is more! We were once told that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, fashion critics say no woman should be caught red-handed with a bad hair day, it is the make or break of a personality. Good thing it doesn’t have to belong anymore!

Today short hair is making waves around the world. There are those who are going au naturel completely and those who go short but have the hair texturized and dyed to add a pop of colour.

All the while, there is a crop of women are (either “who are”  OR without both words) defying the odds to show some skin on the head by going bald, all the while maintaining their feminine appeal!

The idea of long fake weaves on one’s head is no longer appealing to both men and women. “Give me my bald woman anytime, than one with a long fake sweaty weave, they are such a put-off. I don’t know how some men stand those things on their women’s head for months, ” says Aimable Rwiliriza a businessman in Kigali, Rwanda.

Solange Knowles a successful musician in her own right, was a symbol of long hair just like her famous sister Beyonce, up until she decided no more fake hair on her head, and went with short hair- she looks even better now!

The beautiful Kenyan Actress Lupita Nyong’o was the center of attraction when she won a Grammy award. Besides her classical act in the “12 Years a Slave” movie, Lupita came to the limelight, because of her exquisite natural looks. Dark skin, minimal makeup, and short hair.

As much as long hair looks good, it can be quite an uphill task not to be in a bad hair unless you have a permanent hairdresser like Kim Kardashian.

Jackie Ingabire aka Cindy a Rwandan beauty queen and former miss university gender 2014, is also sporting a new look. Hers is short, texturized and coloured blond.

“I cut my hair short, because I needed a fresh, edgy look, which long hair can’t give. Short crop is comfortable and very stylish,” says Ingabire.

Ladies, don’t be left out; short hair is the way to go. Cut off that mane and reduce your age by half!


By Silvia Rugina