Gambia: President Jammeh Given last Chance Before Military Operation

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In their long and many attempts to find a peaceful solution to the political crises in the Gambia, leaders of West African have given President Yahya Jammeh yet until noon on Friday to finally hand over power to the newly elected president Adama Barrow or face military actions from the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) forces.

The ECOWAS forces, led by Senegal ““ a country, which fully surrounds the Gambia – have entered the Gambia yesterday, without resistance from the Gambian army, to enforce the transfer of power. However, the forces were instructed to hold any further military actions, pending on the last attempt by the President of Guinea to give president Jammeh the last opportunity to respect the mandate of the Gambian people and relinquish power.

After the newly elected president, Adama Barrow was sworn in as the new Gambian president on Thursday, the UN-backed ECOWAS troops entered Gambia gallantly without any resistance but, were ordered to halt their advance to Jammeh the opportunity to leave peacefully. In between, Guinea’s President Alpha Conde, will be in the Gambia on Friday morning, to make the final attempt towards a peaceful resolution of the political debacle before military operations begin in the afternoon on Friday.

Meanwhile, the newly elected president of the Gambia Mr Barrow, who has been receiving congratulatory messages from different heads of states,   has been recognised internationally and backed by the UNO. On the other hand, many of President Jammeh`s close allies, including his long term serving vice president Isatou Njie Saidy, have resigned and asked him to relinquish power peacefully for the sake of the country`s unity.

President Yahya Jammeh, who took power 22 years through military coup has stubbornly refused to honour the appeals from different quarters, including his close allies and ministers to resign and give peace a chance after he lost in the last December Presidential election, which he accepted was clearly free and fair. In a statesmanlike, Jammeh congratulated his opponent and winner, President Barrow and promised to relinquish power peacefully.   Like former President Jonathan of Nigeria, his action was received with a shower of praises and admiration worldwide. However, President Jammeh surprisingly, made a U-turn and refused to vacate power, claiming election irregularities. All attempts and appeals from different quarters to persuade him to respect the election results and hand over power peacefully have been rebuffed by Jammeh.

With the latest attempt to persuade president Jammeh to transfer peacefully and the recognition of the newly elected president Adama Barrow by the international communities, many are now asking whether the action of President Yahya Jammeh, who claims to love his country is indeed born out of patriotism or mere selfishness and brute power hungry. Now that the UNO backed ECOWAS troops are on his doorstep, history will soon judge President Yahya Jammeh ““ rightly or wrongly.