Gambia: Will Former President Yahya Jammeh be “Prosecuted”?

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He has been widely praised for conceding defeat and agreeing to step down after surprisingly losing the presidential election last week to Adama Barrow in The Gambia. However, according to the latest news from a leading member of the coalition, which defeated him in last week’s election, the Gambia’s outgoing President Yahya Jammeh will be prosecuted for alleged crimes committed during his 22 years in power.

Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang, a leading member of the coalition insisted there would be no question of immunity for former President Jammeh:

“He will be prosecuted. I`m saying [within] a year, but it could be less than that. This is my personal opinion ““ it might have taken three months because we really want to really work fast.”
She went further:
“He can`t leave. If he leaves, he`s going to escape us. We are stopping him from leaving. We are negotiating. He said he wants to go to Kanilai. Any day he tells us he wants to go abroad, then we say no. It`s the presidential prerogative.“

In another development, former President Jammeh has strongly denied the allegations and insisted he, in fact, improved the living conditions of Gambians.

Should / Will former President Yahya Jammeh be prosecuted for his alleged human rights abuses during his 22 years in power? Will the prosecution bring anarchy or justice and accountability to the country? Will it set a standard and encourage or discourage leaders to work within the democratic norms ““ including respect for election results? Please share your views.