Gender inequality and Gender-based Violence

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While we fight against gender inequality and gender-based violence, many around the world have decided to leave no stone unturned in creating a gender-balanced society. Kata Kata Village is not an exception. A glimpse at the conversations amongst some members of the village tells you how important the subject has become. Hear them:

PICCOLO: You mean shouting on your wife frequently till she breaks down emotionally is not a kind of violence against her?

MAN: Why is it dat one abuse? I flog her?

PICCOLO:  Any kind of intimidation or coercion that causes physical, mental or sexual harm to the woman is regarded as violence against her. This includes abuse, control of her behaviour or even arbitrary deprivation of her liberty.

WOMAN: God bless you my broder, Piccolo!

MAN (angry): You head get malaria or chickenpox, Piccolo! So when I shout at my wife you call dat one violence too?

WOMAN: If you think it’s good to shout on your wife till she cries, is it ok if she shouts on you too?

MAN: Woman, keep quiet!

PICCOLO: Shouting on your wife or any woman till she starts crying is verbal violence.

MAN: What’s de problem? Me, I shout with her mouth?

PICCOLO: Apart from that, think of sexual violence eg forced sex. Any attempt to obtain a sexual act, directly or indirectly through force against one’s wish, regardless of one’s relationship to the woman, is violence.

FATMAN: Eeee! Men don’ have power again as a man in dis Kata Kata village..

PICCOLO: Other forms of violence against women can be through organized crime, human traffickings like selling women and forcing them into prostitution or slavery…..

FAT MAN (surprised): Wait oh! Remind me, I don’ understand dis force sex. So, me, I first write a letter of night employment en put stamp en signature before I touch my wife at night?


MAN: Good question!

PICCOLO: When I say sexual act, I mean rape, which can be through physical force, coercion or …………

FAT MAN: Heee! Dis law even difficult more dan Babylon law. Now you know why I prefer marry my food. Me, I don’ argue or fight with food. I just sit down and enjoy my sweetheart, food.

KATA KATA VILLAGERS: Haha  / Shooo!! / Aya ya!!

VILLAGER: Real sweetheart!

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