Germany returns Namibia genocide skulls without reparations or apologies

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Germany returns to Namibia the remains of nearly 30 victims killed in an uprising more than a century ago, albeit without a formal apology or reparations from Germany.

The skulls and bones are mainly of the Herero and Nama peoples killed during the German genocidal campaign, which started during the uprising in 1904. An estimated 100,000 people were believed to have been mercilessly slaughtered by colonial Master Germany in what many called a genocide during the uprising.

The formally passing on of skulls and bones to the Namibian authority, which follows a similar ceremony in 2011 and 2014, will take place at a church in Berlin at 08:30 GMT.

After the inglorious massacring of the Herero and Nama peoples during the uprising, Germany infamously sent the remains back to Germany for use in experiments, aimed at proving the racial superiority of white Europeans over Africa.

It is on the basis of the massacre as well as the condemned experiments that the Namibian government is demanding reparations as well as apologies from the German government.

Interestingly, the German government accepted responsibility for the killings, however, Berlin has not officially made an apology for the atrocities. Worse still,  unlike the World War Two victims, who were compensated in billions by Germany the German government has sadly refused any reparations to the victims of the massacre. Instead, the culprit insists it indirectly paid for the genocide through its millions of dollars development aid to Namibia.

With the latest refusal for an official apology or reparation by German, it makes one wonder whether Germany is applying a different remedy for the same problem. A good reason which could prompt some individuals to question whether Germany indeed believes the now-discredited racial experiments.