How to potty train a puppy

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Puppies are sensitive, therefore you need to build a strong, loving and caring bond between the two of you. Your attitude towards them matters a lot.
Basically, it takes 4-6 months to be fully trained, but some take a whole year, depending on the age, learning history and how they were previously bred. Patience and persistence are all that one needs to train a puppy as well.

The puppy should be trained when he is between 12 weeks and 16weeks old.
Confine the puppy in a room or a crate. According to the experts, the feeding should be broken into three small meals because they have an immature digestive system, therefore they can’t handle a lot of food. Take him outside after every meal and every hour after.

You should take him to the same spot to eliminate. The quicker you convey the idea that there is an approved place to potty and place that is off limits, the quicker you’ll be able to put the messy chapter behind you.

The following steps should be followed :
– Don’t punish him for having an accident because he will fear you.

– If just in case you catch him in the act, clap loudly so he knows he has done something unacceptable. Then take him outside by calling him or taking him gently by the collar. When he is finished praise him or give him a small treat by walking with him around the neighbourhood.
– Don’t yell at him. They aren’t intellectually capable of connecting your anger with their accident.

– Stay outside longer with him to help curb accidents. He may need some extra time to explore.

– Clean up accidents with an enzymatic cleaner rather than an ammonia-based cleaner to minimize odours that might attract him back to the same spot.

 If he’s still soiling the room/crate, follow the following steps :
– Assess how well he can control his bladder and bowel when not in the room/crate.
– Control his diet and schedule. Take away his food between meals.
– Give frequent trips outside after every meal; first thing in the morning and last thing in the night.
– Take him to the same spot each time to do his business. His scent will prompt him to go.
– Clean everything so there is no odour left.

Signs that your puppy needs to eliminate :
* Whining
* Circling
* Sniffing
* Barking and scratching at the door. Take him out right away.

By Khadija Mohammed