HUMOUR FACTORY: The Millionaire Poor Preacher

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We all hear and see them on the TV, preaching the words of God. They call themselves men and women of God. Hum, it has become impossible to verify this claim, hasn’t it? You don’t have access to God’s e-mail or WhatsApp number to clarify the claim of these preachers. So, one is left with only one option: judge the preachers by their deeds.

Eneke the bird says that since men have learned to shoot without missing, he has learned to fly without perching.” (Things Fall Apart).

Recently, a preacher asked his congregation to donate money so that he could pray to God to multiply their riches. That sounded very tempting and great, doesn’t it?

PREACHER: “Your riches will be multiplied and turned into millions. Just donate $10 dollars for the special prayers and God will enrich and turn you into a millionaire.”

However, one old man in the church believed he had a better suggestion:

OLD MAN: “Haba! You have proved to be a man of God, not a businessman. That fee you asked for is too small. I have a better suggestion. Pray first so that God can increase our riches. Once God has made the riches to start raining, you collect your prayer fees and even an extra 50% of the new riches from God extra.”

The faces of the preacher and the congregation changed. Please describe their faces.

Joke shared by Tedman Oscar.

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