Interior: Let the Kitchen do the Talking

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If you had to list some of your most favourite rooms in your home the kitchen is definitely amongst the top, but it might not be getting the exact attention it deserves simply because it is something that is often taken for granted or overlooked. This should not be the case because the kitchen is one of the most important parts of every house; hence a good reason to get it right while choosing your kitchen. Kitchens serve as not only a place to prepare meals, but also the main gathering space in the home other than the living room. It is the hub of your home. This is irrespective of the size that even tiny kitchens can have captivating style with fabulous decorating ideas you need to spice up your smaller spaces. It is simply not just enough to get the colour and material right, other elements are equally important. Having in mind the importance of the kitchen, your kitchen designs should help create some sense of comfort and relaxation once you stepped inside that part of your house. You don’t really need to spend millions to achieve this goal; it is all about having the right ideas and creating harmony amongst all the elements in the kitchen.

A little touch in the kitchen could radically transform it to not only a more environmentally friendly part of your house; it will make the kitchen an appealing place for the cook or whoever steps into it. After all, a good-looking kitchen brings out appetizing and healthy food, some would argue. More than that, kitchen features can go a long way in adding ergonomic advantages in the house.

We take a look at how best to give the kitchen an enhancement to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user.

Budget: Basically budget plays an important role in your choice of the kitchen because it affects elements such as kitchen cabinets, countertops, and flooring. Your budget will determine whether you will need to keep your existing kitchen layout and replace other components such as fittings, fixtures and cabinet doors or to buy a new kitchen. Moreover, the size of your pocket determines whether you will hire a professional to fix your kitchen or you do it yourself, depending on how handy you are. Giving your budget, you may decide to simply give your kitchen another paint or change the kitchen altogether. Painting your kitchen cabinets is an ideal way to create a cozy feeling in a space that is often lacking in comfort. It is a great option for a quick and cost-effective kitchen update.

Inspiration: If you’re looking to improve your kitchen, seek inspiration; often the best kitchen ideas come from beautiful pictures of other people’s homes. Irrespective of your budget, consider ideas and advice to make your kitchen practical and multi-functional without compromising on style. Your kitchen should reflect your interior design style and the choices are endless from classic country chic and sleek, contemporary retro rustic shaker-style and everything in between.

Storage: Improved storage will play a vital role in making a small kitchen feel larger. However, do not create chaos in your kitchen with many accessories. If you have more space to play with, consider additional features such as butcher blocks, pharmacy cabinet, glazed wall units, ladder units or kitchen dressers. Think carefully about the design choices you make in your kitchen – from worktop materials to cabinet handles – all the details add up to your dream kitchen look.

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Kitchen Cabinets: In our present modern world, most kitchens come with inbuilt appliances like oven, microwave, refrigerator, etc. This method does not only ensure an economy of space, it brings orderliness and tranquillity in your kitchen.   

Work surface: Since you spend much of your time in the kitchen, you must make sure the space in the kitchen must be utilised well and wisely. It is, therefore, necessary for your kitchen to have enough space for you to work comfortably with durable and easy to clean workspace. Some choose ceramic, others go for wooden work surface, yet a metal surface is not uncommon. Regardless of your choice, the most important thing is that the work surface must be durable and easy to clean.

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Colour: No one should underestimate the importance of your kitchen colour. The mission or purpose of your kitchen determines the choice of colour. Is the mission of the kitchen to help create some sense of tranquillity, peace, and relaxation or is it for excitement or entertainment? Is your kitchen modern, traditional and of course how does the kitchen match with the surroundings, such as the colour of the wall, floor, door or window? A dramatic colour will make a bold statement to make sure you pick your shade wisely.

Go for dark, warm or spicy colours such as yellow, red or orange to create appetising surroundings and reflect food while blue, violet and green colours give your kitchen that calm and fresh atmosphere. On the other hand, the red colour comes with an aura of sophistication, although this colour becomes too aggressive when not used proportionally. The red colour should not combine with a very dark wall to avoid a dull atmosphere. A white wall can, on the other hand, combine perfectly with a red kitchen, creating that ambiance of calmness and contrast. Yet others prefer to give both the kitchen and wall a white colour which creates a fresh and clean atmosphere once one steps inside the kitchen.

Size of Kitchen and Choice of Colour: If your kitchen is small it is highly recommended that you go for a white colour to make the kitchen look large. It would definitely not hurt to make the wall equally white or a bit creamier. This does not only make your small kitchen look large it creates a sense of neatness.

The flooring: Your kitchen floor must rhyme with the floor and wall colours to create a relaxed welcoming atmosphere. The floor must be durable and easy to clean and maintain. Ceramic tiles are a very good and durable choice; moreover, they are easy to clean, although they can be cold in a cold in a cold environment without a floor heating system.

However, the disadvantage of the ceramic tile flooring is not a problem, nor a heating system needed in tropical countries. Other flooring options are wood, for example, laminate and vinyl, which look warm and good in almost any space. However, these latter flooring options may require more care and maintenance than ceramics.

Hygiene: Remember to keep your kitchen clean and free from bacteria involves making sure that you don’t transfer the germs from one surface or item to another. This can sometimes happen no matter how careful or vigilant you may be. For example, when you have to turn on the water using a handle while holding a food item or having just handled something like a raw chicken. So endeavour to buy a selection of cleaning products and use them well in the kitchen to maintain absolute cleanliness and good health. Enjoy great kitchen ambiance and cost effective makeover as you make more great family and friend memories within the perimeters of this space.

Now that your new kitchen is doing the talking, relax and enjoy your food prepared in your captivating new kitchen.