Interior: The Beauty of Moulding and Trim

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  • The finishing touches on any design are often the end product of normal, ordinary piece of work metamorphosed into a piece of greatness. Moulding is a wall or door trim; a decorative strip used for ornamentation or finishing. Photo: Royal Garden Hotel, Ozamiz City

Moulding , when combined well with other elements, gives a unique characteristic to a setting. For example, if you were to look at the kitchen counters, they are simply a raised ground of space, but with the hundreds of colors, patterns and textures in materials, ranging from natural stone and acrylic sheets to quartz composites, ceramic tiles and stained concrete to choose from, coupled with moulding, you have a different look altogether. The same can be said of, say, the bathroom and living room, where the limited details like trim and moulding will build all the distinction within the overall look and feel of your personal paradise.

Once upon a time, moulding was an installation nightmare that engulfed the foremost bold designers, sometimes leaving your interior unpleasantly tasteless if not well executed. Materials were significant, tough to manage, and still required to be fit, painted, cut, and positioned, all by no means a task for the typical house owner to undertake. Photo:

Today’s materials eliminate a number of those challenges, creating moulding and trim installation an exquisite homemade task that’s not very time overwhelming. However, before grabbing your hammer and nails for work, there are some basic preparations involved; and a good book on this subject can help avoid common errors. Taking a course in moulding and trim coupled with interior design will not hurt.

Surprisingly, moulding and trim work is not limited to the interior of your house, as finishing touches are also significant outside. Outdoor moulding will also enhance the exterior of your house, and with an overabundance of options, it is quite simple to find what suits your house
and personal decor styles.

Why not give that your house a new unique beauty with creative moulding? It definitely is worth the effort.

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By Mirembe Rosemary