INTERIORS: That Your Old Sofa Can Still Last Longer

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Call it an austerity measure, if you like. We all know what it means to change your home furniture – especially now that every expense bites. Definitely, not all of us are fully loaded and financially buoyant enough to buy a new sofa, bearing the cost in mind. For those of us having the migraine to spend on a new sofa, don’t worry yourself so much. You can give a second life to that your old sofa without spending much. Really? Yes, for sure!! Considered the following:

Less Pillow: Don’t make your sofa look too “busy”, trim the number of pillows on the sofa. Three pillows would be ideal – depending on the size of the sofa – especially if you prefer the same pillow size.

Cheap Trim, Expensive look: Using a nail head, trim the edge of the sofa to give it an expensive look. The trim looks natural because most upholsteries are held in place, using a nail head. This is indeed a cheap way of bringing life and beauty into your old sofa.

New Cover: Don’t be discouraged by the old look of your sofa. Changing the slipcover of the sofa comes with a dramatic change and look for it. Of course, before you choose the colour, bear the surrounding of the sofa in mind – what is the colour of the floor, wall, other furniture etc. The color of the slipcover must rhyme with the surroundings. To minimize the cost, a local tailor can make a wonderful, but inexpensive cover for you.

New legs: A change of the legs of your sofa can bring out an unexpected beauty to it. Remove those archaic wooden feet of the sofa and replace them with something more modern. Perhaps metal feet can do the magic. Sticking to the wooden feet, but replacing the old ones with something new would not be a bad idea either.

Replace The Cushions: Often you can tell an old sofa by the cushion. Instead of sitting on the saggy, sunken looking sofa, replace the cushion to add more “life” to the sofa. A feather – wrapped foam replacement would not hurt if it is not too much for your wallet.

Smaller Sofa: You could bring a more exclusive look to your old sofa and home by making the sofa smaller and your living room look bigger. This works well if you have a separable sofa. Replace that bulky middle table with a more modern type. Sometimes, having a smaller modern footstool can be more trendy than a middle table. Now that you have done the above, how do you feel looking at your “new” sofa? Wow! Good luck!!