Sometimes It has got to be real Or nothing

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Imagine you embarked on a journey! Yes, on a journey without knowing your destination! It would be a mere aimless journey, wouldn’t it? Envisage a situation, where you want to change your life, yet you do not actually know what exactly you want to change. Definitely, life can be fruitless and perhaps, dangerous a mission, if one does not know what they want. Sadly, unless you are able to know or identify your wishes in life, you definitely may not know how to achieve them. For us to make our lives and future meaningful, we must change our attitude towards life, which had made it impossible for us to not know our aims in life.

How has this attitude or inability to know and clearly define our wishes and aims systematically changed our lives and, in most cases, created some dangerous impediments in our progress? In many ways. Think clearly without sentiments. Ask yourself these important questions: How exactly do I want my life to be in the next 20 years? What do I want to achieve in the said period? How do I fulfill my wishes? By giving the best in me? Accepting whatever result that comes on my way? Or carefully outlining my aims and uncompromisingly insisting on getting nothing less than them? Your choices could definitely define your life.

We live in societies, where leaders compete with one another for our attention and support. Logically and realistically speaking, leaders need your support more than you need them. Without your support, they hardly can be your leaders. Nor can they govern. The type of a leader you have chosen will definitely determine their policies – and your future for that matter. The question is, have you ever taken your time to carefully analyze the calibre of your potential leader before you cast your vote? Would you choose a leader that would promise you basic necessities like a quality healthcare system, well-constructed road, uninterrupted water supply, good education, only to provide you with rather an empty hospital with unqualified medical staff and lack of medical facilities? Would you be satisfied with a classroom without a roof, simply because it is better than no school? Would you go for an untarred road? Are you satisfied with a rationed water supply or half – a day electricity availability rather than a full power supply?
Assuming the leaders you have voted for did not fulfill their wishes and your expectations, they basically have disappointed you. Why would you ever believe such leaders and vote for them again? Voting for such unreliable leaders again means you either do not really know what you want in life or you are not serious about achieving your life desires. If your aim in life is to have a quality education and become a medical doctor and your elected leaders who promised to help you achieve this important goal, only for them to fail you, then you share the blame if you would be gullible enough to vote for them again. That single act could cost you your dream and aims in life. We empower our leaders based on the decisions we have made. Yes, the decision to vote them in, ignore their lies and hypocrisies, neglect their corrupt practices, their nepotism, selfishness and accept their other shortcomings. Our leaders take the electorate for granted simply because we give them the opportunity to do so. We have not confronted them with non-negotiable conditions and wishes. They know that their subjects do not, in the real sense, know what they want in life. More than that, they are aware of the sad reality that the citizens do not mind settling for the less. So that affects the quality of the services – if at all they have any – they deliver to their subjects. With this in mind, the leaders can afford to put their own interest first above those of their subjects.
How far is this obvious reality, one of the main causes of the problems facing us today around the world? If a leader knows that their political position is at stake if they fail to deliver their promises, why would they take a gamble for anything less than the wishes and aspirations of those who voted for them?

For those of us who are following the Nigerian political scene, the recent political earthquake taking place in the country seems to justify the above analysis. While the ruling APC party supporters are obviously worried about the recent exodus of their lawmakers and other party members to the opposition PDP party, those who are not satisfied with the performance of the incumbent President Buhari and his party, are indeed happy about the defection. The latter predicts a change of the government, which will usher in something new. Perhaps, something new, but in reality, the same old wine in a new bottle. Sadly, few have taken the trouble to question the caliber and the qualifications of the these expected “messiahs.” Are these leaders and lawmakers (you mean “lawbreakers?”) not the same sycophants and political charmers, who have not only made empty promises but have ruled the country on the tickets of different political parties? Are they politically recycled leaders who are more or less interested in their personal selfishness and aggrandizement than the welfare of their subjects? Or are they fresh leaders who have much to give to the country?
One may ask: Is it so difficult for the masses to present non-negotiable wishes and conditions to their leaders and insist they fulfill them before they get their support? Why can’t we go for real and nothing in between? We only can achieve this if, we know, in the first place, what we want and insist on getting them. Nothing else.