Julius Malema: Political Opportunist, Idealist or die-hard Patriot?

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Since he was expelled from the ruling African National Congress (ANC), Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EEF) of South Africa has been a big piercing log in the eyes of the ANC members – especially President Jacob Zuma. He has been fighting -sometimes through unorthodox  ways – to bring down the ruling party.

Ironically, Mr. Julius Malema once vowed he would rather die for President Zuma when he (Mr. Malema) was the leader the ANC Youths Wing. He had zealously defended President Zuma during their political romance and rejected any corruption or abuse of power allegations against Zuma. However,  Mr. Malema`s criticism of President Zuma and the ANC only started immediately he (Malema) was removed from his function and expelled from the ANC.

Has President Zuma / ANC suddenly changed and become so corrupt in the eyes of Malema? Why did Malema turn a blind eye and a deaf ear at all the corruption allegations against President Zuma when he was still in a good relationship with the president?

Many are wondering: Is Julius Malema a political opportunist, an idealist or a die-hard patriot? This is an interesting question many voters in South Africa must ponder while the next general elections approach. Share your views on Kata Kata.