Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine in a partnership With Piksy

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Kata Kata African Cartoon Magazine and Piksy, the hugely talented most popular artist in Malawi have today announced a historic collaboration, whereby Piksy (born Evance Zangazanga) will work as Kata Kata “˜s AMBASSADOR in Africa.

As one of the most promising artists in Africa, who has worked tirelessly towards addressing social problems in the continent, the mutual collaboration with Kata Kata, the authentic African Magazine with both online and printed versions, cannot come at a better time. Using cartoon as its weapon, Kata Kata tries to discuss and sensitize typical African socio-political issues in a rather humorous way. The creation of awareness of the African problems through comic cartoon and music provides a better way of tackling those issues in Africa and healing the wound caused by the challenges in life.

“Definitely, life is full of challenges; however, it is perhaps not all about seriousness and sadness. Sometimes, one needs some love, laughs and relaxation to face these serious challenges in life in order to be able to tackle them effectively.“ Ogo Ubabukoh, CEO of Kata Kata, explained.

Piksy (also known as Langwan) who is very happy with the partnership intimated that the collaboration will provide their audience with quality lyrics and humorous content while touching important issues affecting the society, such as love, youth empowerment, women`s rights, family planning, AIDS etc. As the most talented young musician in Malawi, Piksy does not only use music to bring people together and make the world go round, to him, music equally brings love, which is the most wanted feeling in our lives. With love, we can face and win most challenges in our lives. Piksy believes.

“It is interesting to see other serious minded organizations like Kata Kata sharing the same core social issues which my music addresses. As the Kata Kata`s ambassador in Africa, I will continue to judiciously sensitize and enlighten the public on core social issues affecting us in Africa. It is my social responsibility as an artist. In a collaboration with Kata Kata, I think we can work together to make Africa a better place. We Africans must take responsibility of our own future. That is the best way forward.“ Piksy explained patriotically.

With the head office in the Netherlands and other offices in Africa, including Uganda and Rwanda, Kata Kata will soon open another office in Malawi for the southern African audience. The office in Malawi, will not only help Kata Kata establish a strong presence in the country, the company will, through its thought-provoking cartoons, expand the reach of its content and readership in the Southern African countries.

“It is a unique opportunity to work with a star like Piksy. Apart from working in a partnership with him, Kata Kata plans to engage and collaborate with other serious minded bodies like the NGOs, UNO organs and government agencies to help send their messages across through our humorous but informative and educative cartoons. Through collaboration with network providers, Kata Kata will offer its cartoon content as a value added service to their subscribers. Kata Kata equally partners with the media houses in the areas of animation, films, stage presentation etc. The collaboration with these various bodies will help us achieve our goals in Malawi and far beyond.“ Bridget Mazonde, Snr. Marketing consultant (Africa) of Kata Kata added.

It is our hope that the historic collaboration with Piksy ““ and other serious minded organisations in Malawi – will help both parties in their mission, which aims at creating a better world in Africa and far beyond.

Are you ready to welcome Kata Kata, the authentic African cartoon magazine in Malawi? Come on board. Sit up and get ready for a laugh.

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