Kata Kata ‘s brand Ambassador Liam Katabira (8) publishes his amazing stories.

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In our efforts to stimulate kids to become talented writers and devoted readers, Kata Kata Cartoon magazine has recently published two interesting stories, written by its brand Ambassador Liam Katabira. 

The two published stories titled The Dark well and The Artman are some of the many captivating tales written by the eight-year-old Liam Katabira, who is now busy visiting many schools in Uganda to encourage other children to devote more time to reading and writing because, accordingly to him, “reading and writing make you to be aware of your environment.” 

That says it all. Being conscious of the surroundings means ultimately knowing the positive and negative elements in our society, including our societal problems and challenges. That social awareness could make young writers our potential leaders of tomorrow. 

In our today’s world, where many African leaders have woefully failed to live up to the expectations, it is hardly a bad idea to put one’s hopes on our young writers, who hopefully, can make a huge change in our societies. 

We encourage other aspiring young writers to follow suit and become writers like Liam Katabira. Many schools in Uganda have shown enormous interest in Liam Katabira’s new books. That is hugely encouraging for a child who started from scratch. At Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine, we turn your dreams into a reality. We encourage, stimulate and coach you to become a young writer. More than that, we help to edit and publish your work. If Liam Katabira can do it, you too could. 

More about Liam Katabira’s published book:  https://businessdetect.com/2020/02/18/kata-kata-cartoon-magazine-s-brand-ambassador-liam-katabira-8-interesting-tales/