Kata Kata Village Celebrates the International Women’s Day

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As Kata Kata village joins the rest of the world to celebrate the International Women’s day today, as well as sensitize the important roles women play in our society, Kata Kata village has made the following   vows:

  • We must promote gender-balanced leadership ““ both at home and in the Kata Kata village
  • We will make 8th March a free day to celebrate the Women`s Day
  • On the Women`s Day, we must encourage our children to bring gifts to their mothers to show them how important mothers are to the children
  • We must treat ALL women in Kata Kata village with dignity and respect
  • Women must be allowed to take certain responsibilities in the house ““ not only to have kids
  • Women must be allowed to be part of the decision making in the family
  • Women must be exposed to leadership positions
  • Both individual and Kata Kata village as a whole must learn about their own gender biases, adjust their behaviour towards women so as to eliminate discrimination against women in Kata Kata Village
  • No more dowry for women because women are NOT a property
  • At work, we must pay women the same salary as men for the same or similar work
  • Kata Kata culture must be advanced in such a way that ALL individuals feel valued and included, hence encourage them to contribute fully based on their capabilities.


Kata Kata Village Chief