Kenya Police “shoot” to rescue detained alleged corrupt colleagues

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More often than none, solidarity can be inseparable from sharing a common interest. That interest could range from human rights, democracy or even corruption, including stealing. With a common interest, even though it might sound like a scene from a movie, it is entirely not very strange to see armed robbers shooting their way like Mr. Rambo, all in an attempt to free their colleague, who might otherwise be in danger. Call it a true brothers in arms scene. Welcome to Nairobi. Today, Kenyan police fired warning shots at anti-corruption officers as the former tried to free two of their colleagues who were kept in detention for alleged bribery.

According to Kenya’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), the infamous operation carried out by the police was aimed at rescuing the two accused corrupt officials who were allegedly caught in a sting operation taking a bribe from a foreigner. The anti-corruption agency alleged that it used an undercover agent who offered the two police officers 100,000 Kenyan shillings ($975; £760), to burst the accused culprits. Following the evidence, the two police officers, who work for the Directorate of Criminal Investigations were subsequently arrested in Nairobi on Wednesday.

Although the accused officers were handcuffed and detained at the Kabete Police Station, their colleagues had managed to free them by firing several rounds of ammunition as warning shots to facilitate the escape.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan police have mounted a vigorous manhunt to capture the suspects and minimise the embarrassing situation, which has left many Kenyans wondering how safe, they are now if the police who are supposed to be architects of security have gradually turned themselves into a security havoc.

For those Kenyans and other Africans, who may have run short of a story plot for their movies or books, do you really need a better creative inspiration?