Kids: The Bad Boy

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Tom stood up and walked out of class. He did not ask the teacher for permission to go out of the classroom. He walked very quietly and slowly. He thought the teacher did not see him move out of the classroom. His teacher Wamala was holding a piece of white chalk and writing on the blackboard. It was time for literacy lessons. The teacher heard someone walking towards the door, he turned and pulled down his pair of eye-glasses and saw it was Tom.  When the teacher wanted to ask him where he was going, Tom had already disappeared out of his sight. No one knew where he was going. 

After some time, Tom came back to the classroom. He tried to sneak in so that the teacher would not see him, but he saw Tom. When the teacher asked him where he was coming from, Tom did not answer. He kept quiet. He went back to his seat at the back of the classroom. He started murmuring to himself without responding to the teacher’s question. The teacher was angry.

Every day at break, lunch and evening, Tom used to disturb his friends.  One day, on Wednesday morning, when it was break time; all the children were playing in the school field. They liked to chase one another around. In the field, there was long grass. The school cleaners had taken a long time without cutting the grass. As the other children were playing, Tom pulled his friend Jonathan and tore his uniform.

Quickly, Jonathan went to the classroom to report Tom to teacher Wamala. Many other children followed Jonathan. There were John, Kalule, and Tonny. They also did not like what Tom had done. The teacher was angry with tom and warned him never to repeat his bad manners. But Tom did not stop. He was still bad to his friends even though his friends kept telling him to stop.

One day during lunchtime, Tom picked a plate to get his lunch. That day, they had cooked rice and meat. It was a good meal; every pupil liked that food. After getting all the food, Tom threw the food down under the table and left a small piece of it on the plate and ate the remaining. He lied to the headmaster that they served him less food. But, his friend John had seen him throwing food under the table. He reported Tom to the headmaster. The headmaster asked Tom why he lied that they served him less food. The headmaster was very angry with Tom.

Tom stood up holding his plate and looked at the headmaster, who was standing in front of him. He was angry with Tom. Tom was afraid and nodded his head as if he did not know what he was doing. He lowered his head and looked down on the ground. Tears were running out of Tom’s eyes.

The headmaster asked him to go to his office. He gave him a letter to take to his parents, telling them about Tom’s bad manners. Everyone talked to Tom to stop being a bad boy and after two months, he became a good boy.

  • End –

Keywords: Headmaster, classroom, friends, permission, uniform, plate, lunch.


  • Who sneaked out of the classroom without permission?
  • What happened to Jonathan’s uniform?
  • What did Tom do during the lunchtime?
  • Why did the headmaster send a letter to Tom’s parents?
  • Did Tom become a good boy later?

By Liam Katabira