Kids: The Lying Boy

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Tommy was in primary 3; he had many friends. He liked to sit at the back of the classroom during class time. He was always talking in class while the teacher was teaching. He always liked to tell so many stories to his friends. His friends would laugh when they listened to Tommy tell them his funny stories. Whenever the teacher would find them laughing while it was class time, they would keep quiet and pretend as if they were reading their storybooks.

One day, Tommy lied and told his friends that the teacher had told them to bring swimming costumes the next day.  He told them that there would be a free-swimming because he knew his friends liked the game. He put on a serious face when telling his friends. Tolly, one of his friends asked him if he was telling them the truth and Tommy said it was the truth.

When his friends got home, they told their parents that the teacher had told them to carry their swimming costumes to school. The next day, everybody except Tommy brought swimming costumes and their coloured towels. When they reached school, it was a study day. They found out that Tommy was telling lies.

Another day, the teacher was teaching the primary 3 the subject of mathematics, the addition, they were studying under the tree in the school compound. It was always cool to study under the tree in the afternoon. Tommy gave out the books to the pupils to do the work. Some pupils had pencils to write with but some of the 5 boys and 3 girls did not get pencils. Tommy was asked by the teacher to pick extra pencils from the cupboard from the classroom. He stood up and went to the class to collect the pencils his teacher has sent him for.

Tommy came back running, he told the teacher that he did not find pencils in the classroom. The teacher was sure there were pencils in the tin. So, the teacher put down the piece of chalk she was writing on the board with and went to see if Tommy was telling the truth. When the teacher got to the classroom, she found 10 pencils in the tin. Tommy was lying to his teacher that there were no pencils in the tin. She was not happy with what Tommy had just done.

The teacher always encouraged children not to lie because lying was a bad habit. The teacher punished Tommy; she told him to stand up throughout the lesson while other children took their lesson while sitting. She warned Tommy never to lie again. But he did not stop.

Another day, Tommy was going back home, he met a policeman at the roadside and shouted, “Policeman, those children are playing on the road. The cars will knock them.” The policeman was worried. He moved very fast to go to see the children playing on the road. There was no one playing in the middle of the road. All the children were walking on the right side of the road and no one was playing in the middle of the road. The policeman returned and found Tommy laughing and shouting that he was lying to his friends.  The policeman was not happy with what Tommy had done.

The policeman took Tommy to the police station and they called his parents. The policeman put him in a children’s jail where he stayed for two hours before his parents could come. Tommy was afraid; he asked for forgiveness. He promised he would never lie again. He came out of jail and stopped lying.

When he went back home, everyone at his home was happy that he had stopped lying. They gave him a gift and he became a good boy.


Keywords: lie, jail, teacher, lair, boy, police, parents, children, classroom, bad habit.

By Liam Katabira