Kids’ Corner: The Art Man

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Hinese lived in a village called Kigoma. He was 20 years old. He sat every evening on top of the hill of Kigoma to see the sun going to sleep, the dancing trees, and the grass. The sun looked so beautiful in the eyes of Hinese.

The sun was yellow, the grass was green and the trees were both brown and green. The grass and the wood on the hill always grew tall and the villagers would cut it to make brooms and many more nice art items. They would sell the art items in the small town to the visitors.

Hinese had a special talent. He liked drawing and painting. He liked to do it ever since he was 5 years. His father used to tell him that the pictures he painted were very nice. He would tell him he was the best artist. He used to make good art. The best art everyone can like.

One day, Hinese went to the hill with his drawing brown papers. He wanted to draw all the beautiful things that were in front of him. He saw birds flying in the sky, the sunset, the wind blowing the trees, the beautiful blue sky. He saw the aeroplane flying over the sky and he saw the kite flying over the sky.   

In his bag, he had 5 paintbrushes both big and small, and 5 tins of coloured water paint. He had red, yellow, blue, black and white. The pencil he used to draw was black and red. He would mix so many water paints to make different colours.

He started to draw the picture of the birds in the sky. As he drew his pictures, the strong wind came and blew away his art paper. He tried to run after his art paper, but he could not get it.  He returned and picked his art items and went back home.

As he was walking back home through the village small town, he saw an old man selling new paintbrushes. He wanted to buy 3 paintbrushes he would use for his new painting. The old man was selling tickets for a competition of art.

The old man asked him if he would like to buy a ticket for the art competition. Each ticket was 1000shs. He bought one ticket and kept it in his pocket. We walked back home and told his mother that he was going to join the art competition. His mother was always happy for him and ever since he was young, she would tell him she liked his artwork.

On the day of the competition, he wore his best red T-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. He went to the town square where the art competition was going to take place. He placed his artboard near the tree. Other 10 art men and women had joined the competition.

There was a pot placed on 3 stones in front of them with a village woman cooking. That was the picture they were supposed to draw. They told them to draw and paint the picture in different colours.

Hinese used his new black and brown brushes to paint. He made nice art, but also the other painters had good art.

After the painting competition, the judge showed the villagers what Hinese had painted. It was the best art piece among the other painters.  He won the art trophy. His painting was taken to the village hall and it was placed on the wall. All the visitors who came to the village hall would look at it all the time. – End –

Written by: Liam Katabira

Keywords: art, man, best, use, ticket, selling

Brainteaser: How many tickets did Hinese buy?

Image: The street painter of the Mission Anthony-Holdsworth