KVAN: The Rising Star to Watch.

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There is an African proverb which says a chick that will grow into a rooster can be spotted the very day it hatches. This adage hardly fits no one more than a young talent from Uganda, who has been working tirelessly, using music, to make the world a better place. KVAN (born Khabuya Vanessa Marion) is an inspirational rising star to watch. 

Yes, the shining star that could bring some light to the near-darkness. For sure, the 22-year-old musician-cum social activist has everything needed to land her in the centre stage of stardom in the music world, as well as on the consciousness of many Ugandans and the rest of the world. At that ripe age when many youths are struggling not to be consumed by the irresistible, powerful hands of the juvenile delinquency, KVAN is courageously creating awareness of the cankerworm destroying the social fabric of Africa, as well as fighting vigorously to eliminate those dangers, which have created huge impediments in the lives of many Africans. She does so, using her own carefully designed weapon: lyrics. 

As a young girl in primary seven, who joined the UNICEF, working as the voice of the international organisation for the children in Jinja, Uganda, KVAN clearly showed her passion for the betterment of society. This act at this tender age is hardly found in many young girls in our various societies; it simply defines Marion’s mindset and her level of social consciousness and commitment towards making the world a better place. Now pursuing her Bachelors of Arts and Social Sciences degree at Kyambogo University, Uganda, the talented musician is yet equipping herself with more weapons to tackle the challenges she is committed to fighting in the society. Issues such as drug trafficking, family planning, women rights and emancipation, human trafficking, female genital mutilation, girl marriages, juvenile delinquency, to mention just a few, are dear to KVAN. Her focus on these social problems and the determination to finding a solution to them, make the musician a natural partner to Kata kata’s tireless efforts towards tackling the social challenges. 

“Prevention is better than cure. Society should put more emphasis on addressing the causes of these social problems than curbing the victims of the problems.” KVAN insisted.

On the juvenile delinquency, KVAN has this to say:

“Steps need to be in place to stop and control some of the children that are falling through the crack of society and becoming ill-adjusted adults.”

And you have every reason to believe her, especially, after listening to her inspiring lyrics.  

Listening to her song “Sugardaddy,” one cannot help but appreciate KVAN’s indomitable spirit and her role as a harbinger against the social evils befalling the society. If you still have doubts about the artist’s social awareness and commitment, her newly released song “AH’ (released on 3rd February 2020) would convince you otherwise. Her “Be Happy” offers hopes in a seemingly hopeless situation. 

Having the same goal of sensitizing social problems in Africa and the commitment to eradicate them, KVAN collaborates with Kata Kata to achieve the goal. Please check out our upcoming exclusive interview with KVAN. With KVAN on the Kata Kata wagon, we have a lot in stock. Various shows around Uganda and beyond are in the pipeline, to actualize the dream. Watch out!!!

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