Lest we Forget Mr Aids

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What a year of turbulence, 2020 had been. A year synonymous with the COVID-19. From forcing both the rich and the poor indoors in the name of lockdown to social distancing, not to talk of the millions of deaths and devastation of the global economies, the Coronavirus has audaciously established itself as a serious health challenge. But the bold and fearless presence of the COVID-19 virus should never make one ignore or underrate the danger posed by other deadly diseases such as Aids.

Since the start of the Aids epidemic, 75.7 million people have become infected with HIV (the virus that causes Aids); amongst these people, 32.7 million people have died from AIDS-related illnesses, as of 2019. About 38.0 million people globally were living with HIV in 2019, 1.7 million of them have been newly infected with HIV in 2019. Amongst the 38.0 million people living with AIDS, 36.2 million of that figure are adults, while 1.8 million are children aged between 0–14 years.

If the figures are not terrifying enough, they at least, clearly show how challenging the task ahead of us is, despite the positive efforts made to curtail the aggressive spread of Aids. For sure, we have somehow, tamed the tempestuous Aids epidemics. With the discovery of antiretroviral drugs (ARV) and good therapy, you can live a normal and long life. It is a milestone achievement by the tireless efforts of many medical experts. A breakthrough, it is, considering how many millions of souls that have succumbed to the seductive trap of Aids. But we still have many tasks ahead. We still have many problems and challenges, as far as we still practice unprotected sex. We must make it a habit and protect ourselves with a condom during sexual intercourse.

Sure, it is not just about being HIV positive or dying of the disease; the infection of others is more worrisome and dangerous. With about 38.0 million people globally living with HIV in 2019, the danger is still threatening. You can curtail Aids by having one partner. For those who have multiple partners, always use a condom.

Can you hear our friends at Kata Kata Village meeting debating?

You say we must wear rain-cloth when we touch our wife. How can you bathe with clothes on?”

Before you respond to that, another bombshell follows:

You wan’ eat sweet together with de wrapping. Dat one is not madness?”

Sweet is sweet, whether in wrappings or not. Think of your life – and that of others – first…

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