Liberia: Former Soccer Icon George Weah and the 2017 Presidential Election

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George Weah, the former World footballer of the Year has on Thursday, confirmed his intentions to contest in the upcoming presidential election is Liberia. Declaring his ambition, George Weah, who is not only the leader of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) party, but also the Montserrado County Senator, said that he is persuaded by numerous calls and petitions from Liberians to take up the challenge and change the direction the country is heading in.

George Weah who narrowly lost the 2005 Presidential election before becoming the Vice Presidential candidate of his party in the 2011 election, promised that his election would transform Liberia, having in mind his capability and patriotism.

“I have accepted these petitions because I have the vision of prospering Liberia and I will start summering of this Vision.“ He added.

Weah claimed his presidential ambitions are borne out of patriotism and reiterated that he has what it takes to solve the Liberian social cum political problems. His first priority, according to him, is to pay a lot of attention to the sub-standard education in the country, which he sees as a “national threat.“   To fix this problem, he recommended investing resources in the training of teachers and reforming the sector, bearing in mind that education is the key to the social development and transformation.

While no one can doubt Senator George Weah`s popularity in Liberia, some claim he is just another “opportunist“ who has wasted millions of dollars he earned as a footballer, only to join politics to “cut and chop his own national cake.“ Other groups challenge Mr. Weah to show his investments in Liberia as a footballer. Yet, many others see him as a savior.


Having declared his intention to run for the Presidency in 2017, is George Weah the right / wrong choice for Liberia? Why? Please share your opinions.