Liberia: Worrisome Cyber-Attack

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While the whole world reacted with awe to the cyber-attack on the USA Democratic party and the malicious release of Hilary Clinton`s emails to the public, allegedly sponsored by the Russian Intelligence Service, Liberia is facing a similar problem. However, the difference between the USA cyber-attack and that of Liberia is seen by the degree of prominence given to the news of the attacks. Unlike that targeted at Liberia, the attack against the USA is, as usual, treated as Breaking News around the world.   Definitely, Liberia is facing ““ probably more serious ““ nightmare as a result of a recent cyber-attack, which almost virtually grounded the country`s internet.

Using a Distributed denial of service (DDoS), hackers attacked computers, loading them with incredibly high traffic, forcing the computers to shut down because they could not cope with the (data) traffic. This is not the first time the country is experiencing the same criminal activity by hackers. Last month, many sites, including Twitter were shut down due to a similar attack.

To many security analysts, the cybercrime is worrisome. Apart from many citizens whose internet activities were seriously affected by the illegal hack, many are worried that the security of the country might be jeopardised ““ especially in this modern age of terrorism.

For a country, whose net access comes via a single cable, which is shared with 20 other nations, what happens in Liberia might become a nightmare for other countries, who share the same single cable. Today it is Liberia, tomorrow one must not rule out it might be the turn of other countries. This is the best time to be our Brother`s keepers and wake up to the cybercrime challenges.